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Services / Banking

 The banking sector in recent years witnessed rapid growth both in number and asset size. According to the IMF, the total asset of the sector was 2-fold increase in the period 2007-2010. However, only 25.6% local bank had charter capital of over 5,000 billion VND.

Market share of credit and mass mobilization of SOCBs is still leading, but it has relatively declined due to the occupation by commercial banks in the last five years.

Meanwhile, the volume of foreign banks had participated in the fair competition with local banks due to the removing of restrictions on calling deposit since early 2011.

Beside the success in business, many activities of local joint stock banks had revealed many limitations. Banking system had been reconstructed the finance and increased capital, debt in recent years, however, scale of the capital is very limited NHTMCPVN comparison of domestic and foreign.

In the international integration process, to implement its commitments to international organizations, financing – banking market in Vietnam will be gradually liberalized and opened.

Government of Vietnam was very active in the policies for bank system development with the project "Development of Vietnam's banking sector till 2010 and orientations till 2020" Decision No. 112/2006/QD- TTG in 05/24/2006 of the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the State Bank of Vietnam will continue to renew the organization and operation to form a professional and streamlined organization structure, international standard performance and practices on central bank operations as well as integration with the international financial community.

The business environment will continue to be much impact from changes in social and economic conditions - the economy in general and the banking industry in particular will face many risks and challenges. Improving technology, capacity and qualifications of staff and workers are also big problems.

Report on Vietnam's banking sector in 2011 could provide investors and decision makers an overview of the industry as well as the analysis necessary so that investor could have the best decision. In addition, we will also list out information on some typical enterprise in the industry.

In five years, the Textile and Garment industry has made significant development with high growth rates, of which exports accounted for 14.5 to 16% of total national export turnover, proportion of the textile and garment industry accounted for 3.65 to 6.62% total export revenue of the nation, the annual export value was over $ 3 million.


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