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Setting up a company (updating) / Deposit for project implementation

Deposit for project implementation (3/9/2018)

Deposit for securing the implementation of a project

An investor shall pay a deposit in case it is allocated or leased land by the State or permitted by the State to change the land use purpose for implementation of an investment project, unless it: 
- Wins land use rights through auction for implementation of the investment project and is eligible for the State’s land allocation with land use levy collection or land lease with one-off land rental collection for the whole lease term.
 Wins  a  land-using  investment  project  through  bidding  in accordance with the bidding law; 
-  Is  allocated  or  leased  land  by  the  State  through  acquiring  an investment  project  for  which  a  deposit  has  been  paid  or  the  capital contribution  or raising  has  been  completed  according  to  the  schedule stated  in  the  investment  registration  certificate  or  investment  in-principle decision; 
-  Is  allocated  or  leased  land  by  the  State  to  implement  an investment  project  on  the  basis  of  acquiring  through  transfer  land  use rights and land-attached assets from another land user; 
- Is  a  revenue-generating  non-business  unit  or  hi-tech  park development company established under a decision of the state agency competent to implement investment projects eligible for land allocation or lease by the State for development of infrastructure in industrial parks, export  processing  zones,  hi-tech  parks,  and functional  quarters  in economic zones. 
The  deposit  for  an  investment  project  shall  be  calculated  in percentage  of  its  investment  capital  stated  in  the  investment  in-principle decision or investment registration certificate on the principle of partial progression as follows: 
- For  the  capital  portion  of  up  to  VND  300  billion,  the  deposit percentage is 3%.
- For  the capital portion of between VND 300 billion and 1,000 billion, the deposit percentage is 2%. 
- For  the capital portion of over VND 1,000 billion, the deposit percentage is 1%. 


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