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Setting up a company (updating) / Minimum capital

Minimum capital (1/9/2018)

Minimum capital for setting up a company in Vietnam

The law does not provide a specific minimum amount of capital that foreign investors have contributed or committed to the establishment of companies in Vietnam except for some areas requiring legal capital - is the minimum capital level accordance with law for the establishment of enterprises such as banking, finance, insurance, real estate business, air transport business, audit services, security services ... 
However, the level of capital to establish a company in Vietnam must be appropriate to the nature and scale of the investment project.  In an investment project, investment capital includes equity and loan. Equity can also be charter capital in the case of investors set up a company to implement the project.
The capital contribution of the project will be implemented on schedule determined at the investment project that has been registered with the competent State authority.
In some specific areas such as housing, the equity of foreign investors must be at least 10% to 15% of the total investment of the project, the specific capital amount required is depended on scale of the project.



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