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Setting up a company (updating) / Charter capital

Charter capital (1/9/2018)

 Charter capital of a company

Charter capital means the total value of assets paid in or committed to be paid in by the members upon establishment of a limited liability company or partnership; means the total par value of shares sold or registered to be purchased at the time of establishment of a joint stock company.

Assets contributed as capital may be in the form of Vietnam dong, freely convertible foreign currencies, gold, value of land use rights, value of intellectual property rights, technologies, technical know-how and other assets that can be valued in Vietnam dong.
Within 90 days after being granting an enterprise registration certificate, the founding shareholder, the member, the owner of the enterprises shall make sufficient capital contribution to the company with the right types of assets as committed upon enterprise establishment registration
For members, the shareholders of the company are organization, the capital contribution shall be made through bank transfer.



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