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Thai Nguyen to become center of Northern Midlands and Mountainous (10/6/2015)

Thai Nguyen will become an industrial province and the center of the Northern Midlands and Mountainous area in terms of industry, services, education and training, according to the province’s socio-economic development overall plan by 2020, with a vision towards 2030.

By 2020, the province will possess a modern economic structure with sustainable economic growth rate and high competitive products as well as synchronous infrastructure system. Besides, the province will launch green growth, reduce carbon emissions and become a crucial area to firmly protect the regional national defense and security.

The economic growth rate of the province is expected to reach 10-11% per year till 2020.

The province sets to reduce poor households by 1.8-2% and create 20,000-22,000 jobs per year. It also targets to decrease urban unemployment to 3.7%.

By 2030, Thai Nguyen City will be developed as an ecological city, tasked to focus on State management, training, specialized health care, science-technology, services, finance, banking and commerce.

Source VGP



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