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Products of Vietnam / Handicraft Products


At 2.364 billion US dollars in 2007, woodwork quota ranked fifth among export products, making up 4.89% of Vietnam’s total export quota. Its annual increase of 38.1 % during the period 2001 – 2005  is relatively high with the main products being household equipments like tables, chairs, and specially exterior equipments. The largest markets for Vietnam’s woodwork export are mainly developed countries/ regions such as the EU (28%), Japan (24%), the USA (20%), Taiwan and South Korea. Vietnam’s woodwork is favored not only for its high quality but also its beautiful designs. With such reputation and high level of development, it is no doubt that Vietnam has become one of the largest woodwork exporters in the region. Its main constraints, however, are high amount of materials imported (80%) at high prices, lack of activeness, and decentralized production.

 Arts and Crafts



Vietnam’s arts and crafts products have high potential for sustainable development. Thanks to available materials, the real avenue in foreign currency gained in the export of these products make up to 95 - 97% of the total export value, the highest of all exports. With export quota being 750 million US dollars in 2007, a year-on-year increase of 19%, the industry ranked 12 among those with the highest figures. The development goal for export till 2010, accordingly, is to reach a 20-22 % annual increase, with a quota of 1.5 billion US dollars. Import markets vary, but the largest ones remain Europe and North America. Although Vietnam’s arts and crafts products have good quality, it does have certain limits in designs; not mentioning that there hasn’t been much effort in market analysis, especially in the field of fashion design and consumer goods. These products need not only good quality and aesthetic values for the sake of consuming but also the uniqueness, richness and long-lived traditions of Vietnam.




The strength as one of Vietnam’s traditional export products still hasn’t been made use of in the case of pottery. It ranked only 16th in export quota, by gaining 330 million US dollars in 2007. However, Vietnam’s pottery has long been favored for its firm yet graceful designs, with fine natural glaze and lively features of Vietnamese aesthetics. Besides fine arts pottery, construction pottery has also enjoyed considerable development in both production and export. The main importers of Vietnam’s pottery include EU countries, Taiwan, the USA, Australia and South Korea



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